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Mission Of Shirdi Sri Anandha Sai Charitable Trust
SHIRDI SRI ANANDHA SAI charitable trust derives inspiration and guidance form Bhagavan Baba’s preaching and Sai Sathcharitra. The very aim is to propagate Shirdi Sai Bakthi in all walks of the society to attain inherent divinity. To teach and follow selfless love, universal religion which Shirdi Baba had advocated without any distinctions of religion, Nationality, race (or) socio- economic status.
Vision of SHIRDI SRI ANANDHA SAI charitable trust
The vision is to create a society with full devotion Sai Bbhakthi and society having secured food, shelter, Cloth, health and education. Such society will be an egoless society. Let us hope Bhagavan baba shows the way to have such a society.

Objectives of the Trust

  • To propagate and spread the name and fame of SHIRDI SAI and follow concepts of SAI, provide all sorts of assistance to construct, and maintain and renovate place of worship.

  • Provide food, shelter and cloth for poor orphans and needy people.

  • Take care of priests and gurus of all religions.
  • To establish /construct/maintain Annadhana Chatram and to offer food and shelter either free or at concessional rates to needy and poor people/contribute for the support of such institution.
  • To provide education by establishing/industry/running school and colleges, hostels and such amenities to poor and needy students with fees and providing books to poor and needy students.
  • Awarding scholarship / Financial assistances to such students.

  • Run medical camps and health awareness camps.

  • To carry out all sort of social works.

  • To donate or subscribe/assist/support organization engaged in doing public services.


Kindly Contribute/Donate Generously for Noble causes of the Trust viz "Annadhanam"

"Incentive For Deserving Students Studying In Govt Schools"

"Medical And Health Care" For needy People.


 NAME OF TRUST  : Shirdi Sri Anandha Sai Charitable Trust,
ACCOUNT NO : 1244104000006507
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